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Giant Insect
V, S, M
Casting Time:
2 rounds/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One or more insects
By means of this spell, the cleric can turn one or more normal-sized insects into larger forms which resemble the “gi- ant” forms of such creatures as described in the Monster Manual books or the FIEND FOLIO Tome. The number of insects that can be affected is dependent upon the cleric’s level: one at 7th-9th level, two at 10th or 11th level, three at 12th or 13th level, and four at 14th or higher level. The total hit dice of all giant insects created is 3 HD at 7th-9th level, 4 HD at 10th or 11th, 5 HD at 12th or 13th, and 6 HD at 14th or higher level. The magic only works upon one type of insect at one time; i.e., a cleric cannot use the same casting of the spell to affect both an ant and a fly. The casting time for a giant insect spell is one round per hit die of the resulting giant creature(s); if the casting is interrupted for any reason, the subject insect(s) will die and the spell will be ruined. A monster created by this spell will have as many attacks per round as its namesake, but will not do full damage unless the created form has as many hit dice as the usual giant version of the same insect. Although it may have more hit dice than a standard giant form, the created insect can never exceed the damage figures given in the books. Example: A cleric of 14th level can use the giant insect spell to enlarge a normal wasp to one having 6 HD (instead of the usual 4 HD for a giant wasp; see Monster Manual), but the creature would still do damage of 2-8/1-4. Conversely, a 7th-level cleric can use this spell to create a giant wasp of 3 HD, and such a creature would have reduced damage figures of 2-6/1-3 — three-fourths of the damage potential of a “real” giant wasp, since it only has three-fourths of the usual number of hit dice for such a creature. The spell will only work on actual insects. Arachnids, crustaceans, and other types of small creatures are not affected. The giant insects created will not have any special attacks or defenses possessed by the standard giant forms; however, armor class, movement rate, and other physical characteristics are as described in the creature’s book listing. Any giant insects created by this spell will not attempt to harm the cleric, but the cleric’s control of such creatures is limited. He or she could give them simple commands such as “attack,” “defend,” “guard,” and so forth, but could not instruct them to attack a certain creature or guard against a particular occurrence. Unless commanded to do otherwise, the giant insects will attempt to attack whomever or whatever is near them. The reverse of the spell, shrink insect, will reduce the size of standard giant insects as well as those created by the unreversed form of the spell. The shrinking will be at a rate of 1 HD for every 4 levels of the casting cleric, with a maximum of 6 HD of reduction (to a minimum of Ye HD, or 1 hp). Special attacks possessed by a standard giant insect will be retained, but at a weaker level which allows a bonus to the sav- ing throw versus the attack. For instance, a 9th-level cleric could cast shrink insect upon a standard giant wasp to reduce it from 4 HD to 1 HD. The resulting insect would still be able to use its poison sting, but the saving throw against such an attack would be at a +3 bonus (or perhaps higher), and the hit-point damage from its normal attacks would be reduced to 1-2 for a bite and 1 point for a sting — one-fourth of the usual amounts, since the creature is only one-fourth of its original size. The material component for either version of the spell is the cleric’s holy/ unholy symbol.