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Cloak of Fear
V, S, M
Casting Time:
6 segments
1 turn/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
The cleric
The casting of this spell empowers the cleric to radiate a personal aura of fear out to a 3’ radius. Any character or creature that intrudes upon this aura must save versus spell or run away in fear for 6 rounds (cf. 3rd-level magic-user spell fear). The spell will only remain in effect until one creature fails to save, whereupon the dweomer of the spell is dissipated. The spell has no effect upon creatures that themselves radiate fear, or upon undead creatures of any sort, and it is not dissipated upon contact by such creatures. It likewise remains in ef- fect if an intruder makes a successful saving throw, but will expire after a duration of 1 turn per level of the cleric if not brought down earlier. Note that members of the cleric’s party are not immune to the effects of the spell. The cleric may cancel the aura at any time before the duration ends if desired. The reverse of the spell, cloak of bravery, can be cast upon the cleric or upon another creature which is a willing recipient. A character or creature protected by a cloak of bravery gains a +3 bonus to the saving throw against any form of magical fear encountered. The magic of the cloak of bravery works only once and only upon a single figure, and is dispelled whether or not the recipient succeeds on his or her saving throw. The magic does not negate or otherwise affect the innate ability of a creature (such as a devil) to radiate fear, so that the creature can still affect others in the vicinity. The material components for a cloak of fear are a miniature quiver and a chicken feather; for a cloak of bravery, the necessary items are a drop of alcohol and the brain of a newt.