Stone Wyvern

Cleric - SpellDetail

V, S, M
Casting Time:
5 segments
1 round
Saving Throw:
None (& special)
Area of Effect:
3° diam. cylinder up to 6” high
By means of this spell the caster causes the atmosphere to instantly precipitate all of its water vapor in the form of huge drops of rain, the resulting condensation not only caus- ing a true downburst of rain but also sucking more vapor into the area to likewise be precipitated. The cloudburst will effectively drench everything in its area of effect within 1 segment, for its rain will fall at the rate of 1/10 inch per segment, or 1 inch of rainfall in 1 round. All normal fires within the area of effect will be extinguished by a cloudburst — small ones instantly, medium-sized ones in 3-5 segments, and large- sized ones in 8-10 segments. Magical fires will also be extinguished by a cloudburst, with the following general rules applying: Permanent magical fires will re-light in 1-2 rounds. Small, rekindlable magical fires such as that of a flame tongue sword will be affected only during the actual cloudburst. Spells such as produce fire and burning hands will be negated. Large- area spells such as fireball, flame strike, wall of fire, etc.. , in the course of being extinguished, vaporize the rain into a cloud of steam covering an area four times as large as the spell’s area of effect cylinder of up to 12” in diameter and as much as 24" high). This steam will inflict 1-3 points of damage per round on normal creatures within its area, and will do twice that damage to cold-dwelling or cold-using creatures. The cloud of steam will persist for 2-5 rounds, half that if a breeze is blowing, or only 1 round if a strong wind is blowing. In arid regions, the cloudburst will act only as a double-strength pre- cipitation spell. In hot and humid areas, the duration of the spell will be extended to 2 rounds. In areas with a temperature between 33° and 31° F inclusive, sleet rather than rain will fall, with ice and slush being formed when it accumulates. In temperatures of 30° F. and lower, the cloudburst becomes a snowburst, with one inch of snow per segment falling. The material components for the spell are powdered silver and powdered iodine crystals, plus the cleric’s holy symbol.