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Cleric - SpellDetail

Holy Symbol
V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 turn
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One object
This spell is used to prepare a cleric’s holy sym- bol, or to create a new symbol to replace a lost or damaged one. The new symbol-to-be, which is the spell’s material component (and obvi- ously is not consumed in the casting), must be crafted of appropriate material depending on the religion/deity in question, and must be of the proper shape and design — a cleric cannot pick up just any item and make it into a holy symbol. A cleric may possess two holy symbols at one time, and this spell can be used to create a second one as a spare. No cleric can create a holy symbol related to a religion or deity other than the one that he or she worships. The holy symbol of a good or evil cleric will radiate a faint aura of good or evil, but is not a magical object per se. The holy symbol of a cleric who is of neutral morals (with respect to good and evil) will have no such aura.