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Dust Devil
V, S
Casting Time:
3 rounds
1 round/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
This spell enables a cleric to conjure up a weak air elemental — a dust devil of AC 4, 2 HD, MV 18°, 1 attack for 1-4 points of damage, which can be hit by normal weapons. Magic weapons of any type cause it double damage. The dust devil appears as a small whirlwind 5 feet in diameter at its base, 15 feet tall, and 10 feet across at the top. It will move as directed by the cleric, but will be dispelled if ordered to go farther than 3° away from the spell caster. The winds of the dust devil can hold a gas cloud or a creature in gaseous form at bay or push it away from the caster (though it cannot damage or dispel such a cloud). Its winds are sufficient to put out torches, small campfires, exposed lanterns, and other small, open flames of non-magical origin. If skimming along the ground in an area of loose dust, sand or ash, the dust devil will pick up those par- ticles and disperse them in a cloud 30 feet in diameter centered around the dust devil. Normal vision is not possible through the cloud, and creatures caught in the cloud will be effectively blinded until one round after they are free of it. Spell casting is virtually impossible for someone caught inside such a cloud or inside the dust devil itself; even if the creature fails to score damage on the victim from the buffeting of its winds, a spell caster must make a saving throw versus spell to keep his or her concentration (and the spell) from being ruined. Any creature native to the Elemental Plane of Air — even another creature of the same sort — can dismiss a dust devil at will from a distance of 3” or less. Creatures not native to the plane occupied by the spell caster are not affected by the dust devil. It is auto- matically dispelled if it contacts any creature with innate magic resistance — but not until after it gets a chance to hit and do damage.