Stone Wyvern

Cleric - SpellDetail

V, S, M
Casting Time:
3 segments
1 segment/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
3” diameter cylinder up to 12” high
When this spell is cast, all water vapor in the atmosphere within the area of effect is precipitated in the form of a light rain. (Note that low-level spell casters will certainly be within the area of effect of the spell.) The rain will continue for only as many segments of time as the spell caster has levels of experience. Since only some 1/100 of an inch of precipitation falls during the course of a segment, the spell will have only the following general effects: Thin, light material will become damp in 1 segment and thoroughly wet thereafter. ‘Twigs and heavy material such as canvas will be damp in 2 segments and wet thereafter. Flat, relatively non-porous surfaces, such as stone floors, rock, painted wood, etc., will be damp in 1 segment and filmed with water thereafter. ‘Semi-porous surfaces and materials will become damp on the surface in 2 segments, and thereafter the damp area will progress downward/ inward, until after 5 segments the surface or material will be thor- oughly wet. Porous surfaces and materials will simply absorb the rain up to the limit of their capacity — which probably extends well beyond the du- ration of the spell. ‘Small flames, such as those of candles, will be extinguished by 1 seg- ment of precipitation. Small fires will slow and become smoky for 1 round after precipitation has ceased. Large fires will not be materially affected by the spell. Note that if the temperature is above 90° F,, the duration of the spell will be extended to double normal except in arid regions. Also, where the temperature ranges between 33° and 31° F, the precipitation will fall in the form of sleet. At 30° F. and below, the precipitation will fall as rather thick snow, and most dampness/wetness effects will be negated or postponed until the snow melts. If magical heat of large area (i.e., a wall of fire, fire- ball, flame strike, etc.) is applied to precipitation, a cloud of warm fog of double the area of the precipitation effect will be formed. If magical cold is applied to the spell or the water which remains thereafter, normal ice will be formed. The material component of the spell is a pinch of silver dust.