Stone Wyvern

Cleric - SpellDetail

V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 turn
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
Spell caster or figure touched
Explanation/Description: This spell enables the cleric to tell something of his or another figure’s future “luck.” This “luck” takes the form of an im- provement or reduction in a “to hit” roll or a saving throw at some point in the future unknown to the character who is the object of the portent. After this spell is cast, the Dungeon Master makes two die rolls in secret: First, 1d12, to determine at what point in the future the portent takes effect; second, 1d6 to determine the exact effect (roll of 1 = -3; 2=-2;3=-1;4= +1;5 = +2; 6 = +3). Based upon the result of the 1d6 roll, the DM should in- dicate to the player of the cleric character whether the portent is good, fair (which can be moderately good or moderately bad), or poor. The recipient of the spell will usually also be given this information. The result of the d12 roll represents the number of “to hit” rolls or saving throws that the target character must make before the roll to be affected by the portent occurs; e.g, if a 12 is rolled, then the 12th such roll thereafter will be the one to which the portent is applied. Die rolls only apply toward this count if they are taken in life-or-death (i.e., combat or peril) situations; the count is sus- pended if the character contrives to perform (for instance) saving throws against non-harmful effects in an effort to “sidestep” the portent. Die rolls that do apply toward this count include: Saving throws made in combat or against magical effects, “to hit” rolls made by the character, and “to hit” rolls made by an opponent against the character. When the die roll designated by the portent is made, the result will be adjusted upward or downward as indicated by the result of the d6 roll; thus, the character will be either more or less likely to score a hit, more or less likely to be hit, or more or less likely to succeed on a saving throw. The material component for this spell is either a numbered wheel or tea leaves.