Stone Wyvern

Cleric - SpellDetail

Magic Stone
V, S
Casting Time:
1 round
6 rounds or until used
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One small stone or pebble
To use this spell, the cleric picks up a small stone or pebble and then (via the casting process) places a magical aura on it. The spell cannot affect stones that are already magical. The magic stone can be thrown at a target up to 4” distant (assuming no intervening obstacles and sufficient head room). It will act as a +1 weapon for “to hit” determination, and if a hit is scored the stone will do 1 point of damage. Ranges are 2’/3/4", with standard modifications. If the stone travels more than 4” from the thrower or if it does not score a hit, the missile loses its dweomer and falls harmlessly to the ground. A magic stone must be thrown within 6 rounds after the casting of the spell is completed, or it turns back into an ordinary item. Abit from the stone will break the concentration of a spell caster only if the victim fails a saving throw versus spell. Any target with innate magic resistance cannot be affected by the stone. A shield spell will protect a target from a magic stone, as will a brooch of shielding, a protection from normal missiles spell, a minor globe of invulnerability, or any similar (more powerful) magic. A cleric of 6th through 10th level can enchant 2 stones with this spell, one of 11th through 15th level can use it on 3 stones, and an additional stone is allowed for every five levels of experience the caster has gained beyond the 11th (i.e., 4 stones at 16th level, 5 stones at 21st level, etc.). Itis possible for a cleric to give the enchanted stone(s) to another character to throw. Note that some religious organizations may forbid their clerics from using this spell, since it enables the cleric to. use a missile weapon (of sorts).