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Cleric - SpellDetail

Slow Poison
V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 segment
1 hour/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
Creature touched
When this spell is placed upon a poisoned individual it greatly slows the effects of any venom, even causing a supposedly dead individual to have life restored if it is cast upon the victim within a number of turns less than or equal to the level of experience of the cleric after the poisoning was suffered, i.e. a victim poisoned up to 10 turns previously could be temporarily saved by a 10th or higher level cleric who cast slow poison upon the victim. While this spell does not neutralize the venom, it does prevent it from substantially harming the individual for the duration of its magic, but each turn the poisoned creature will lose 1 hit point from the effect of the venom (although the victim will never go below 1 hit point while the slow poison spell’s duration lasts). Thus, in the example above, the victim poisoned 10 turns previously has only 10 hit points, so when the 10th level cleric casts the spell, the victim remains with 1 hit point until the spell duration expires, and hopefully during that period a full cure can be accomplished. The material components of this spell are the cleric’s holy/unholy symbol and a bud of garlic which must be crushed and smeared on the victim's bare feet.